Eurovision 2014

InEurovision-Song-Contest-2014-MAIN-2849495 4 Saturdays a new edition of the world wide known ESC Eurovision Song Contents will be held as tradition, on past year winner… Denmark’s capital city Copenhagen. As you can remember, last year folk Danish theme ‘Only Teardrops‘ sang by Emily Forest captivated the audience and jury of this particular music show where public at home and jury have a 50/50 share on the votes during the night of the event, with the limitation that each nation’s locals cannot vote for their own entry.

I’ve been on knowing and watching ESC since public voting started back in 1998, given winner Israel entry Dana International with ‘Diva’. The show is well known for their very unique and flamboyant history of contestants, as well as re-known music stars (ABBA, Mocedades,  Celin Dion, among others…). However is true on the past decade is has been very hard to find entries/artists that succeeds after the music event.

As usual each year, here’s the list of highlights and those I consider the most interesting entries this year. Unfortunately Turkey won’t be participating this year.

Fans has covered Social Media pages to support their favorites… Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Spain, Norway, Belgium, Sweden, Israel, Hungary and Finland has caught the attention of most of them.

Particularly The Netherlands entry has captivated me, it rise above the rest. Sweden, Russia, Norway, Finland and Azerbaijan also highlights.

Controversy and politics this year won’t seems to be aside from the event, with current Ukraine-Russia situation messing in a little bit. Also beard transsexual from Austria has already triggered all kind of comments everywhere.

Below is the list of this year favorites;

12 pts: The Netherlands

10 pts: Russia

8 pts: Norway

7 pts: Finland

6 pts: Sweden

5 pts: Azerbaijan

4 pts: Armenia

3 pts: Belgium

2 pts: Ukraine

1 pt: F.Y.R. Macedonia

Special Mentions:







United Kingdom






You can watch Eurovision Song Contest online through the Official Website during the week of May 5th – 10th, live Semi-Finals 6th and 8th, then Live Final, Saturday May 10th.  Good Luck to all participants…






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