Beats, Passion & Mind


I would like to dedicate a post about myself and what I’m doing.

I’m a mid 30’s Venezuelan guy living in NJ/NY area. My father used to sing Opera (he was a Tenor) and my mother was a painting artist (landscapes mostly). She and her sister thought me about arts and push me to develop the artist on me. I did some paintings and stuff when young. I really thank them for everything they advise me.

And, of course, being my father an Tenor, you can imagine I grew up on an environment surrounded by Classic Music (that’s what I used to listen before born).

My passion for Electronic Music started very early. I born during to dawn of the Disco and the rise of Electronic Pop. I started having a fascination with basically everything being produced from a Synthesizer. Oxygene IV by Jean-Michel Jarre was definitely a before and after in my life, I was listening to something that I haven’t heard before, so unique and at the same time so magnetic and uplifting.

So on, I start discovering more unique fascinating sounds. Music Instructor, New Order, Air, The Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk… then I found Moby. I would say Moby is my big influence but I cannot left behind Fatboy Slim, Armin van Buuren, Tiesto. Thanks to them I got my interest on Djing.

However it wasn’t until last Summer when I decided that Djing is something that I would like to do and try out and found out at it is a very cheerful and productive hobby. As of now I will continue to do this thanks for my passion for the art of Electronic Music and I’m not currently pursuing commercial success, etc… I’m very like back but I like to use the Internet as a method of communication of what I’m doing.

I will continue with my Electric Space mix-tapes (Techno Attic, House Room, Trance Hall and Bassment) and eventually will introduce myself on a video playing. But I also found on this emotional journey, that producing is also something I would like to try out and has come up with what I’m presenting below, focusing on House, but not leaving aside Electronica and my passion for experimentElectronic Music is another form of Art expression.

Saludos y se les quiere (that means ‘Regards & Love’)


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