‘Bucket List’


I thought in dedicate another post to write a little more about me.

For me, Internet is like a second home and a place to escape someway from reality (however sometimes over here we also need to find ‘escape zones’).

I’s been over a year now since I decided to take more serious my passion for electronic music and arts and do something about it before getting older and letting the time past more.

It’s has been a very interesting year, with ups and downs and lot still to develop, but overall I feel happy with the path that I have been taken and how things has been done for me. Although there’s still a lot to do, including putting together a performance set (I know I do this for hobby and I said I’m not looking for commercial success and still feeling in keeping my passion that way, still feeling the need to put something together, and ultimately I will use the Internet and online broadcasting, and shut out some videos of my dj sets).

Like I said before I do not have a professional music background; everything I know where thanks to my parents (my Dad an Opera ‘Tenor’; and my mom a Painting Artist, now in heaven; she teach me how to use a turntable and play vinyl records…) And all the time I am being told about my musical ear… unfortunately it took me quiet some time to decide and start up, feel regret for decisions I did not do before or I neglect to do, however when is come to find yourself and do what your heart and soul are asking you to do, there’s no time/age limit, just think in the future and use the past as a feed to make a stable today and a better future.

I’m currently focus on my music production and what I’m going to. My attention is in Underground House, Techno and Electronica… eventually I will be posting some material/unreleased tracks and dj tools on my Bandcamp site. This, my website BeatsPassionMind.com and The Artist Union are the official sources for my work.

I have a fascination in the use of electroacoustic and percussion. In Venezuela we have this group of particular drums ‘tambores’ and a particular way of play them, I think this has also been and important influence on me.

I also want to find time for me to go back to my artwork (besides music) and get my photography print out and post around, I will be setting up a place online so you can see and get printed copies of my art.

When I feel things are ready I will be doing an official presentation of my Dj Set style but I always will keep my time for ‘The Electric Space’ mixtapes and, oh, yes I want my Online Radio Streaming and have cool music from independent artists.

I think this is definitely my ‘Bucket List’…
<(^.^<) \o/


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