Venezuela Congressman Walter Marquez: ” Nicolas Maduro is Colombian, born in Bogotá “

Walter Marquez: “Nicolas Maduro is Colombian, born in Bogotá “

After doing extensive research in Colombia and Venezuela, on the nationality of Nicolás Maduro and his birth certificate, the deputy to the National Assembly of the state of Tachira, historian and former ambassador of Venezuela in India, Walter Marquez, reported in which concludes that the current President of Venezuela was born in Bogotá Colombia, and was brought to Venezuela at 2 years old.

Marquez explained that its conclusions are based on results of documentary sources and people who knew Maduro and his family in Bogota and Cucuta. “Having made ​​several trips , having interviewed people who knew him throughout his life, I have come to the conclusion that, indeed , who plays today as President of the Republic in Venezuela , not born in the country, ” he added.

The Parliamentary Nicolas Maduro said that so far has not publicly presented his birth certificate , according to reports that appeared in different media and various public documents, has five birthplaces in Venezuela: Santa Rosalia, El Valle, Los Chaguaramos and La Candelaria in Caracas and El Palotal between Ureña and San Antonio del Tachira and Cucuta, Colombia.

Marquez said that despite revised Colombia and Venezuela notaries did not find the birth certificate and specifically in Bogotá , some books with the date of birth of Nicholas Maduro have the torn leaves. ” Those who knew Nicolas Maduro as a child, we said he was born in Bogotá , but stated that the Cuban G2 had plucked these leaves to hide the nationality of the Head of State. So, according to my research that overtook a historian Nicolas Maduro was born in Bogota, the capital of Colombia” , he added.

Recalled Walter Marquez on October 10, 2013, in the ” Vladimir at 1 ” program aired by the Venezuelan news channel Globovision, the president of the National Electoral Council – CNE – Tibisay Lucena, said it had found the Game Mature birth in the parish of La Candelaria Caracas, but briefly before the cameras showed that it was possible without checked some of your text.His parents

Another aspect that enriched the investigation of Walter Marquez is the nationality of the parents of Nicolas Maduro. In the case of Father Nicolas Maduro Garcia has three birthplaces: Falcon, Cumarebo, and San Francisco, in Coro.

Meanwhile, the mother of the head of state, Moros Teresa Acevedo, would like birthplace Cucuta – Colombia , Venezuela and Rubio. These allegations also confirm the insertion of Birth Certificate of Mary Teresa Maduro Maduro older sister, which his father claims his wife was born in Bogotá.

Meanwhile, on the death certificate, Nicolas Maduro said his mother was born in the town of Rubio, Táchira Junín Municipality, thereby committing the offense of false attestation by lying to public officials, since according to the Act of Baptism found by Walter Marquez, inserted in Book 1 , page 195 of 1929 of the parish of St. Anthony of Padua, dated June 1, 1929 in Cúcuta , Norte de Santander, Republic of Colombia , and Colombian possess the certificate of citizenship No. 20007077, issued by the National Registry of Civil Status of Colombia , national president mum was born in Cúcuta, Colombia which grants citizenship to Maduro.

” By mandate of Article 96 , paragraph 61, section B of the Colombian Constitution of 1991 grants , as of right , the Colombian national Nicolas Maduro Moros, as the son of a National Colombian by birth ,” he said , while stated that in this situation , Nicolas Maduro Moros, it fails to meet the eligibility requirements listed in Article 227 of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela , which claims to be a Venezuelan by birth and no other nationality to become President of the Republic to time is violated and violates Article 41 of the Code, which sets a requirement of office of President of the Republic , be a Venezuelan by birth and no other nationality.


To Walter Marquez, another sign that is not a Venezuelan who occupies the presidency is his anti Colombian attitude, because when he was Foreign Minister exercised the break in relations with the neighboring country, was also absent at death his aunt Emma Moros who shared his childhood and on several occasions he has verbally lashed out at the Government of Juan Manuel Santos for review Venezuela .

“I have no doubt that Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela and is not born in Bogotá. He lies with the relevant agencies and authorities to respond to this situation, ” he said.The report on nationality of Nicolás Maduro can be seen and downloaded completely at

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